What is Pixel City Bros?

Pixel City Bros is a tongue-in-cheek top down 2D RPG that pokes fun at old school games and never takes itself to seriously. In the game, 2 Bros wake up to find out that their Babes have been kidnapped after a long night of partying. To get them back the bros will travel Pixel City making new allies and foes.

Game Play

PCB could be thought of as a mash up of Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, Legends of Dragoon and a sports management game (similar to Fight Night training). The art style is heavily inspired by old Technos games (RCR, Crash and the Boys, Double Dragon). The game includes several unique aspects that will set it apart from standard top down RPGs including:

  • Group leveling. Your team will level up at the same time!
  • Legend of Dragoon style attacks where your timing must be on point for maximum damage!
  • YOU'RE ON FIRE. Land attacks a certain amount of times and your Bro gets on fire allowing you to do maximum damage!
  • Funny and great storyline.
  • Gain stat boosts by increasing your Belt by fighting in the arena. The player's level of Brojitsu belt will increase once they reach a certain combined stat through training and battling.

If you've ever played any top down old school RPG you should feel right at home in this game. Players will have the main character moving around and interacting with the world. Like many RPGs there will be safe zones separate from battle areas but anything can happen in Pixel City! The game also includes a barter system, quest system, inventory system and more.

When players exit a safe zone they will encounter battles with enemies at random. The battle system is an active time battle for real time battle. Unlike some RPGs, our enemies are not static sprites but instead are also animated to give the areas and enemies a more submersive feel overall.


We at Pixel City Bros want nothing more than to build a strong community behind our game. We'd love to hear ideas from all of you and have this be somewhat community driven so we end up with a game we can all love. We also plan to live stream some of the more in depth development aspects, as well as conducting interviews with developers and more so all of you can stay up to date on what's going on behind the scenes as the game comes closer to fruition!